who am I?

10548286_10154546340460121_1254548059042138913_oHi, I’m Emily, a frighteningly recent college graduate. Proudly born in Maine, I now live in Pennsylvania. My passion is for sustainable agriculture and local food systems – what this means for future employment and life activities has yet to be determined.

I started this blog two years ago as a way to process my experiences abroad. Now, facing “real-life,” I find myself yet again in need of an outlet. So here goes round two.

I just accrued immense debt on four years of environmental education. My degree unveiled to me an ailing world. It empowered and impassioned me to make change. But I developed that common post-college restlessness. The selfish hunger for adventure. The search for self discovery.

How does a broke, ecologically conscious person make lifestyle decisions? Where do I draw the line between what I can afford and what is ethical? How do I choose between what will make me happy and what I feel obligated to do?

I’m not sure that the answers to these questions are far from reach. Certainly, the apparent discords shouldn’t have to be true. Maybe there’s a way to achieve all objectives without sacrificing some. And I can’t be the only one asking.

This blog attempts to answer these questions through investigation of these three topics: money, sustainabilitybeing a young adult in America today… and other topics I feel are relevant. 

I am currently on a road trip with the person closest to me, in a hand-made teardrop trailer we bought and improved upon. Hopefully during this trip I will begin to answer some of my questions and, along the way, determine the next steps of my life.

So, since I’m stumbling down this road, the literal road as well as life’s highway, I thought you could come with me. Especially all you eco-educated millennials. Maybe we’ll learn something.