“carol of the imbeciles” – fishtailing my way to work.

On my way to work this morning I fishtailed on the highway for the third time this winter. That’s more times than I’ve ever fishtailed in one winter before, ever. I’m in Pennsylvania… I grew up in Maine. Since I brought my car down to PA I’ve only grown increasingly more frustrated with the PA road clearing process. That’s the first problem: the state needs to get on top of it’s sh**. But also, the further away from Maine I get, the worse the driver’s are.


Why are we always in a hurry? We’re so intent on getting where we need to go we even skimp on cleaning our cars off. Do people not understand that cars are deadly, that by driving like a maniac you’re endangering yourself and everyone else? I hate driving in the snow. Even though I’m good at it (did I mention I grew up in ME?). I take every precaution I can to avoid driving when there has been a storm – but often I’ve found myself in the “don’t have a choice” situation. I keep wondering why that situation exists – what is more important then the safety of you and those around you, not to mention the state of your vehicle?


Especially today. Sure, there are jobs that people need to go to – doctors, for instance, emergency responders, etc.; but for the rest of us, much of the work we do can be done from home, yet we still head out in dicey conditions. Many (most) people who drive in snow storms don’t need to, making it even more dangerous for those who have to. I’m lucky to have a wonderful work place relationship with my boss, so we talk realistically about conditions and she trusts me enough to work from home when it’s bad out. I know that’s not the case for a lot of people. I encourage people who are bosses to have that conversation with your employees, let them know their safety is more important, and when they do ask to stay home – realize it’s not about being lazy. And employees, don’t be afraid to speak up for yourselves – it’s your life, be careful with it.

Stay home. Or pull out your skis, snow shoes, or… snowmobiles…

0d07dbbf20363120048fc666247c51c3I’m lucky I’ve escaped this winter so far without a single scratch on me or my car. Unfortunately, every time I fishtail I instantly get ‘Jesus Take the Wheel” in my head, which is a recipe for instant tears…. but if that’s the worst that happens, I can settle with it.



2 thoughts on ““carol of the imbeciles” – fishtailing my way to work.

  1. My biggest pet peeve about winter driving are the people that do not properly clean off their cars. It is so dangerous not only for them but for the other drivers on the road. It makes me so mad! Nothing like a big hunk of ice flying off of a car on the highway! Grr… so ready for this winter to be over!

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  2. I am thankful that as a teacher, I often have snow days and do not have to drive in bad conditions. But if I wasn’t, my mantra would be to stay home and stay safe. There is not much that equals a crash or a wrecked car. And I feel it wouldn’t be my driving it would be the other guy in a real hurry or the trailer truck speeding by that would cause a problem. When in doubt, people should stay home. = safe.


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