quack cracked.

duck eggThe other day at the farm my coworker turned to me and asked if I wanted duck eggs. Um yeah. Apparently his ducks were producing so many he didn’t know what to do with them.

Duck eggs are the single best kept secret in all of food. That or I live under a rock. I also might be exaggerating a little bit, but really, I was that surprised. They are huge, cool colors, a project to crack and have more flavor than any chicken egg I have ever eaten (farm fresh or otherwise). I cracked the first one on to the frying pan and stared at in awe as the hugest yolk I have ever seen slid out of the shell. I don’t even like fried eggs usually and I ate it just as it was, and it was amazing.

I just looked them up, as I’m sure you could do, but to save you the time I collected a little information on them. First, as you can imagine, the huge yolk adds to the nutritional value as well as the fat content of the egg. duck eggs contain one-third more calcium than chicken eggs, fives time the about of B-vitamins, three time as much iron, twice as much Vitamin A and folate, as well as more protein selenium and potassium. However, they also contain about one whole day’s worth of Cholersterol… if you worry about that kind of thing.

For me, despite my love for chicken eggs, the duck eggs might win the battle, they’re more delicious, healthy, and filling. When I have my own place I will most certainly have ducks. Then maybe I can be an official employee of the farm, considering all of my fellow coworkers have them… who knew!?

Oh and one last thing – substitute one duck egg for two chicken eggs in any baking project and you will be blown out of the water (best kept chef’s secret, seriously).


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