research time.

The Serengeti was the single most inspirational place I have ever been. Rolling plains as far as the eyes could see (over 100 miles in some cases). I saw more big cats than I could count and spent numerous hours driving through the bush and the mud bonding with new friends in the sunshine (and rain).

Then we came home… and BAM – research started. The past few days were spent writing research papers and proposals. It is a hectic and stressful time only made worse by the fact that we have finally bonded and really just want to hang out. Despite this stress, there is a buzzing excitement around campus as we finally arrive at what we have been working towards all semester – our directed research. 

The title of my research, as confirmed today in my proposal, is: 

Climate change impacts and local adaptation strategies within the Iraqw community in Endabash area, Karatu District, Tanzania. 

I am thrilled. As many of you know, I conducted research at the United Nations 17th Conference on Climate Change in 2011 on climate adaptation approaches in East Africa. To actually be here, on the ground, observing those adaptations is unbelievable to me. I will spend the next nine days intensively collecting information through interviews and focal group discussions and the next two weeks analyzing data and then writing my report. Then, our research culminates in a public presentation to local people, NGOs and government officials on our findings. I am excited to learn about the research process, the Iraqw people and agricultural climate adaptations in Africa and be able to share that information in a meaningful way – maybe I will even do my presentation in swahili! (I am kidding).

So forgive me if there are few blog posts between now and the end of the research process! And sincere thanks to everyone who has been following my journey so closely. I will do my best to post updates. Asante sana!


4 thoughts on “research time.

  1. Good luck!! Thanks again for sharing your stories. I had students trying to jump like the Masai in class the other day – I should take photos for you to share with your friends. Let’s just say they didn’t quite get the height…


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